Enriched With ALOE VERA

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Portable & Convenient

Extensive survey and research has been done to design for maximum portability without sacrificing functionality, utility and number of wipes per pack. Its convenient size makes it possible to use them anytime and anywhere.


Germisept Antibacterial Hand Sanitizing Wipes Are the most convenient and portable alternative when soap and water are not available. Its 99.9% Anti-bacterial action to combat germs and bacteria everyday as most of the communicable diseases are transferred by touch. Germisept Antibacterial Wipes are the best thing to wipe away dirt and germ leaving your hands clean, refreshed, & moisturized, anytime, anywhere.

Bacteroides causes Ear Infection

Shigella causes Diarrhea

Streptococci gives you Sore Throat

Pseudomonas can Infect Wounds

Haemophilus causes Pinkeye (highly infectious)

Hepatitis A gives you Jaundice and Diarrhea

Streptococcus Pneumoniae gives you Pneumonia

Staphylococcus gives you a Big Zit or a boil

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Features And Benefits

Germisept Hand Sanitizing Wipes are one of the most effective & hygienic alternative

Bacteria Removal

It kills 99.9% bacteria and germs leaving your skin protected and clean.

Added Moisturizer

Contains Aloe Vera that leaves your skin soft & supple

Easy To Go Pack

Designed for Maximum Portabilit

Eco-Friendly Pack

Our packaging VS Single Sachet reduces the Carbon Foot Print substantially by 80%.


Environment Friendly

Our 8 count mini pack uses 7 times less packaging material for the same number of wipes compared to single sachet wipes. Single sachet is the most popular format for convenient cleansing. But they are also the most wasteful delivery system for a wet wipe. Packaging laminates are not bio-degradable and worst of they increase unnecessary cost per wipe. It is estimated that globally over 1 billion single sachets are consumed every year. That is enough packaging to circle the earth at least three times. With our new portable and convenient mini pack you can reduce your carbon footprint substantially and can make a real difference.

Product Reviews

“Truly Amazing…

10/10 would recommend to anyone who is looking for antibacterial hand wipes. These are perfect!”

“Great wipes…

Always in my handbag for before/after eating whilst on the go and they’re a good wipe for keyboard/phones too”

“More effective…

These are different from all the other antibacterial wet wipes , its a great value for the quality

“Great Product…

Love it , Smells Great!